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Re: Deadlines 5.0 r1 Release Notes

Hi Vince,

On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 07:29:25AM +0100, Vincenzo Campanella wrote:
> Only 1 file was updated in the Italian translation (upgrading.po), same
> as other languages (for example ro and pt), but in German all files were
> updated, and in other languages (for example ja, sv, fr, etc.) more than
> 1 file was updated.
> Is this correct? Can I start updating my translation?

Speaking for the l10n-german team: I just didn't do anything the last
weeks and instead included all user suggested changes at once which lead
to one big change (we really had some good suggestions for changes). So,
from our side just don't feel mistaken. Go ahaed with your work. :)


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