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Re: Release Notes - upgrading.po


Martin Bagge wrote:
On Mon, 9 Feb 2009, Martin Bagge wrote:

While doing updates to upgrading.po I found this in english:
"Both packages will enable a new network service in the system although they can both be configured to be bound to the (internal) loopback network device."
(regarding libfam0, FAM and portmap)

It states that BOTH packages will enabled a service (is this ONE service or one service PER package?), the other half of the sentences states that both services will be bound to the loopback iface. I'll stick with two services in my translation but the text should probably be revisited by -english.

This is a problem of two grounds.
 - How does these two packages work?
 - What does the sentence really mean?

Without the first I am not able to exactly decipher the sentence and make a good and accurate translation.

According to the package descriptions, there are two services, one for fam (famd), one for portmap (portmapd).

"This package provides a server that can monitor a given list of files and notify applications through a socket. If the kernel supports dnotify (kernels >= 2.4.x) FAM is notified directly by the kernel. Otherwise it has to poll the files' status. FAM can also provide an RPC service for monitoring remote files (such as on a mounted NFS filesystem)."

AFAIK, fam uses portmap also for the local connections.

"Portmap is a server that converts RPC (Remote Procedure Call) program numbers into DARPA protocol port numbers. It must be running in order to make RPC calls."

I believe that FAM binds by default to the loopback. Portmap listens all interfaces by default. Portmap configuration is managed by debconf and the configuration process instructs how to bind it to localhost only.


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