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Bug#474879: Proposed changes to section 6.2.2 about translation updates and dealing with changed English text

Quoting Eddy Petri?or (eddy.petrisor@gmail.com):

> That's not correct. You probably meant:
> ... a delay not lower than 10 days is considered reasonable. ...
> or
> ... a delay of at least 10 days is considered reasonable. ...

True. The original proposal was saying the entire opposite of what I
intended to say..:)

> Also, probably adding "the" before "translation teams" is better:
> ... too much pressure on the translation teams and ...

Here, I'm far from being sure your proposed change is correct. My own
experience with corrections on debian-l10n-english would tell me this
is Frenglish (in short, understand that I could have used such extra
"the").....so your proposal could well be Romenglish (that new
language could very well be quite close of Frenglish).

Let's native (or more experienced) speakers tell us The Truth.

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