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Re: Debian 5.0 ("lenny") release notes: Call for translations, again

2009/1/26 Jens Seidel <jensseidel@users.sf.net>:
>> All files inside the directory were empty, never mind,
> And why? Please send us the output of the commands you tried, the versions
> you have installed, ... so it can be debugged.

It is working now, earlier I was using the url provided in the first
announcements and as anonymous (now using my alioth username)

I thought it is worth spending time translating than trying to solve
this issue as we are short of time. Anyway the issue seems to have
gone away now.

>> I took a copy of nl as Christian suggested.
> Which is not optimal as nl/ was not up-to-date. Calling
> $ make LINGUA=nl updatepo
> adds further 101 messages to PO files.

I will use the newly created po files. Also will request access as
mentioned in some other mail.

- Praveen
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