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Bug#406131: - Document how to do partial updates for users tight on space

On 27/11/08 21:22, Giovanni Rapagnani wrote:
I will update the procedure taking into account your advices.

Here it is:

1 - Using a temporary /var/cache/apt/archives
You can use a temporary cache directory from another filesystem ( USB storage
device, temporary hard disk, filesystem already in use, ...)

Note : do not use a NFS mount as the network connection could be interrupted
       during the upgrade

For example, if you have a usb drive mounted on /media/usbkey:
- remove the packages that have been previously downloaded for installation:
   #  apt-get clean
- copy the directory /var/cache/apt/archives to the usb drive:
   #  cp -ax /var/cache/apt/archives /media/usbkey/
- mount the temporary cache directory on the current one:
   #  mount --bind /media/usbkey/archives /var/cache/apt/archives
- after the upgrade, restore the original /var/cache/apt/archives directory:
   #  umount /media/usbkey/archives
- remove the remaining /media/usbkey/archives.

You can create the temporary cache directory on whatever filesystem that is
mounted on your system.


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