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Re: Putting draft release notes on www.debian.(org|net)?

On 2008-11-15 12:16, Matt Kraai wrote:
> pdflatex appears to hang, consuming 100% of the CPU.  I've attached
> the log file.  This also appears to hang the official build, so I'm
> going to revert the change to 7release-notes.
> Any suggestions?

First: The architecture variable was set to a wrong value at one
place in the Makefile (my error!). I corrected this and switched
on DRAFT mode at the same time.

Second: I wonder, why there are error messages such as:

dblatex --style=db2latex --output=en/release-notes.en.pdf --param=draft.mode=maybe en/release-notes.en.xml
XSLT stylesheets DocBook -  LaTeX 2e (0.2-2)
Error: no ID for constraint linkend: data-backup.
*** Error: xref to nonexistent id: data-backup

The temporary file en/release-notes.en.xml should have in
line 1116: '<section id="data-backup">'. Could you check this,

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