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Bug#505725: update packages statistics in What's new

Package: release-notes
Tags: patch

I have updated the statistics about packages added/updated/removed found in "What's new".

Here the truncated output of ddp/manuals/branches/release-notes/lenny/changes-release.pl :

Comparison details from 'etch' to 'lenny' ----------------------------------------- Total packages for etch: 18630 Packages in main: 18071 Packages in contrib: 248 Packages in non-free: 311 Total packages for lenny: 23246 Packages in main: 22583 Packages in contrib: 296 Packages in non-free: 367 Added packages: 7791 Removed packages: 3175 Changed packages: 13424 Unchanged packages (no version update): 2029

Detailed information

The patch to apply against release-notes.ent_rev5522 in attachment.


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