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Bug#505555: Will aptitude know what apt did during the upgrade?

Package: release-notes

Dear Daniel (sorry to bother you again),
dear APT Development Team,

On 14/11/08 03:58, hendrik@topoi.pooq.com wrote:
> One question I haven't seen addressed in this thread (perhaps I haven't
> looked hard enough) is what impact the use of apt instead of aptitude
> has on systems that are currently using aptitude.  Will upgrading with
> apt mean that aptitude will no longer know which packages were expressly
> requested by the user, and which were installed merely because other
> packages needed them?  Or has apt-get now progressed to maintain this
> information?
> -- hendrik

We need information for the writing of the release-notes

In other words:
If I use apt only for dist-upgrading to lenny and then I turn back to aptitude, will aptitude always know which packages were automatically installed ?

Thank you.


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