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Re: Call for translations (Debian 5.0 "lenny" release notes)


2008/10/22 W. Martin Borgert <debacle@debian.org>:
> 2. Inform me, if you prefer full-text translation over
>   po-file method. Default is po. Currently, only pt_BR uses
>   full-text style.

I prefer PO since I find it hard to merge changes in the original text
into translated one when I select the full-text translation.  OTOH,
however, the DocBook module of Po4a in the lenny version has some
bugs, and at least the handling of an <acronym> element as a block
(#500448) is annoying for me.

Here is a section title.

  <title>Prepare initramfs for <acronym>LILO</acronym></title>

I'd like to translate like this:

  <title><acronym>LILO</acronym> 用 initramfs の準備</title>

However, the title is separated by Po4a as following entries:

  # type: Content of: <chapter><section><section><title>
  #: en/upgrading.dbk:180
  msgid "Prepare initramfs for"
  msgstr ""

  # type: Content of: <chapter><section><section><para><acronym>
  #: en/upgrading.dbk:180 en/upgrading.dbk:182 en/upgrading.dbk:185
  #: en/upgrading.dbk:200
  msgid "LILO"
  msgstr ""

So, the reconstructed title is like this:

  <title> 用 initramfs の準備<acronym>LILO</acronym></title>

Too bad...  It's a strange Japanese.

The DocBook module is fixed in the CVS repository, but not uploaded.
Instead, in a comment for #501204, Nicolas shows a way to work around
the issue.

> If you need these changes for Lenny (e.g. for refcard), I would recommend
> to create locally a modified Docbook.pm in a lib/Locale/Po4a/Docbook.pm
> file, and export PERLLIB=lib/.

Martin, could you please consider using this workaround when
generating PO files and regenerating DocBook XML files?  I can use
this workaround personally, but it does not make sense since I am not
the one who build the output DocBook XML document.

Many thanks,


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