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Bug#502923: developers-reference: Add new Upstream-* fields for Bts, Upstream-Vcs-Browser, Upstream-Vcs-{Git, Hg, Svn) ...

On Tue, 21 Oct 2008, jaalto wrote:
> Surrent developers-reference documents:
> Vcs-Browser
> Vcs-*
> Please also add fields that can be used to refer to upstream:
> 	Upstream-Bts-Url	The bug tracking system address (Trac, Bugzilla ...)
>         Upstream-Vcs-Browser	Like in developers-reference but related to upstream
>         Upstream-Vcs-*		--''--

Those fields are not accepted by dpkg contrary to the Vcs-* ones. So they
shouldn't be documented IMO.

And I don't like the idea to clutter the control file with such upstream
information which always require an upload for any update/change. After
that you want an URL with screenshot and and and …

It is bad idea that looks good because it seems similar to the current
one. I would prefer people to work on an external repository of
meta-information about source packages: http://wiki.debian.org/CRMI

The Homepage field is the exception as it is the entry point to find out
any other upstream related information.

I suggest tagging this bug wontfix or simply closing it if the idea
doesn't get more support.

Raphaël Hertzog

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