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Bug#332782: Your contribution to the Debian release notes

2008/9/4 W. Martin Borgert <debacle@debian.org>:
> Hi,
> it seems, that you have contributed to the release notes[1] of
> Debian GNU/Linux[2]. Unfortunately, this document had never a
> proper license[3], which makes it difficult for us, to work
> further on the document.
> If you did not contribute to the Debian release notes and/or
> this mail does not make any sense for you, please reply, so that
> I can remove your name from the contributors list.
> Else:
> I hereby ask you to allow us to distribute the Debian release
> notes under the terms of the GNU General Public License,
> version 2 [4]. Please send a mail to 332782@bugs.debian.org
> stating that you allow this. E.g.:


> "I allow that my contribution to the Debian GNU/Linux release
> notes can be distributed under any DFSG-free license."

Please consider the above words as my own.

> Or whatever you find appropriate and is compatible with GPL2.
> Sorry for the extra work you have, but we want to solve this
> issue before we start the lenny release notes. This means, it
> would help us a lot, if you could send your permission mail as
> soon as possible.

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