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Bug#491241: release-notes: Maximum RAM supported information difficult to find.

Michael Schurter <michael@susens-schurter.com> writes:

> Package: release-notes
> Severity: minor
> Many operating systems advertise what architectures, processors, and
> memory they support.  Debian seems to do a good job advertising the
> different archs/cpus, but the only place RAM is mentioned seems to be in
> kernel package descriptions.
> For anyone picking a server operating system this is a significant piece
> of information.

Debian supports the maximum supported by the hardware. That means from
the top of my head:

i386: 64G
amd64: 1TiB
mips: 512M (mips32 cpu), 1TiB? rest
alpha: 1TiB

Point is that if you can put the ram into your mainboard then Debian
will support it. As such you should look to your hardware vendor for
how much ram their boards support.


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