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Re: [etch-and-half] release notes review

first off, congrats to the team on getting to this point, and thanks!
I am looking forward to using the new Intel drivers in particular.

Permit me to second a couple of Franklin's points and then go back to lurking...


* "is essentially just the most recent point release for etch"
 Of course this will have to be updated once 4.0r5 is released
 but I like the phrasing otherwise.
 Let me rephrase this as a question : Is EtchnHalf equal to
 4.0r4 or is it ÿÿany Etch>=4.0r4 with some updated driver ?

To someone who hasn't been following along with baited breath, this is really just 4.0r4, with a funny codename. Isn't it? And there might well
be a 4.0r5, before or even after Lenny is released?

Rereading, it seemed that in one or two of places "etch-and-a-half"
is used almost interchangably with "4.0r4" and "2.6.24".
I have some suggestions to address this below.

* In the first paragraph, the reference to "2.6.24 etch-and-a-half
 kernel..."  seems a bit to come from nowhere. Is it supposed to
 be introduced in another page ?

Is this better/sufficient:
drivers for the X window system. Installation of these additional packages is not required and will not occur by default. This update represents no -change to the support of previously available packages.
+change to the support of previously available packages. The additional
+packages will be treated as part of the 4.0 release series and included
+in future 4.0 point releases.


-To allow the 2.6.24 etch-and-a-half kernel to work correctly, some other -packages have been updated as well. These updates are all included in the -regular point release, and thus not specific to etch-and-a-half.
+To allow the 2.6.24 kernel to work correctly, some other packages have
+been updated as well. The complete list of new and updated packages is

Some readers may be confused by the emphasis about "updates". Is it worth
mentioning this is a small departure from previous point release policy?
Perhaps it's too difficult to explain concisely or not appropriate to the
release notes.

Further down, how about:
-Installing "Etch-And-A-Half"
-There are two methods for installing the "etch-and-a-half" kernel.
+Installing the "Etch-And-A-Half" release
+Starting from this release, there are now two methods for installing the
+4.0 ('etch') release of Debian.

This section does not mention the (trivial) process for current stable
users to upgrade to this release. Is it worth adding something like:
+Existing installations of Debian 4.0 can upgrade to this release by
+the usual method: <code>aptitude update; aptitude dist-upgrade</code>.

Finally, I would like to reuse/refactor the wiki page ÿÿEtchAndAHalf
to ÿÿlist FAQ/Frequent problem, à la ÿÿSarge2EtchUpgrade.
As usually, links to official release notes would be available at the
top of the page to avoid duplication of content.
It could be linked from DebianInstaller/BrokenThings, and/or from the
main release notes (since it isn't only for hardware).

I think this refactoring would be useful. Perhaps the current state of
the page could be saved under a different for posterity, to allow a
clean slate to start with?

Thanks again for your work,

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