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Bug#486754: Processed: Taking manoj's advice for how to get a practice inplace


Osamu Aoki wrote:
Dan, I know you are frequent BTS reporter.  So I expect you to know
better than newbie reporter.  Please do not use "bts" command for this
kind of situation.  Please make sure to get full information to the
package owner.  I had to dig into bts web site.  This is not nice and
waist everyone's time.

Not disagreeing with any of the above, but to correct a factual issue - please don't blame bts for people failing to include information in mails, particularly mails they sent directly.

As can be seen from viewing either the headers or body of Dan's reassignment, the mail *was* *not* sent by bts - it's missing the X-BTS-Version header, the fairly tell-tale subject header and the "automatically generated by bts" comment in the body. A recent version of bts would also have added a Cc to debian-reference@packages.d.o to the mail to control.

As I said, I don't disagree with the sentiment, I just don't like seeing people or tools being blamed for things they weren't involved in :-)


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