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Bug#484804: developers-reference: please add a suggestion to comment a "wontfix"

Package: developers-reference
Version: 3.3.9
Severity: wishlist


#468858 includes one more example of a DD whose social skills are not
developed enough to apply a nanogram of common sense and to explain
why he doesn't intend to fix a bug.

I therefore suggest adding a sentence to the second paragraph of
bullet (2) in chapter 5.8.3 so that it will say:

    If the bug submitter disagrees with your decision to close
    the bug, they may reopen it until you find an agreement on
    how to handle it. If you don't find any, you may want to tag
    the bug wontfix to let people know that the bug exists but
    that it won't be corrected. Please make sure that the bug 
    submitter understands the reasons for your decision by
    adding an explanation to the message that adds the wontfix tag.
    If the situation is unacceptable, you (or the submitter) may want
    to require a decision of the technical committee by reassigning
    the bug to tech-ctte (you may use the clone command of the BTS if
    you wish to keep it reported against your package). Before doing
    so, please read the recommended procedure.


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