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Re: Status of Debian GNU/Linux Dictionary

> I've done a cut and paste of the debian-women dictionary to
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianDictionary.  There's a lot to do,
> obviously, as I haven't added any links to anchors or even thought
> about new entries yet.  But it is a start and I'll make improvements
> as I can.

It has been a few months, so I'll recap my lack of progress quickly.
After having the DebianDictionary page removed a few times, I decided
to hold off on doing anymore until things at work and school settled
down and I could work out with the wiki maintainers what the problem
was.  While I still don't really have the time yet, I noticed that a
comment left on my wiki page indicated the reason for removal was the
pre-existence of http://wiki.debian.org/Glossary.  It is pretty
sparse, but has the format and seems to be just as good a place to put
the dictionary stuff.  I'll have some time in a couple of weeks to
start adding the debian-women entries to the Glossary page and see
what happens.  My apologies for the lack of movement on this, I hope
to have it going shortly.

take care,


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