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Bug#459343: developers reference: uploads to stable need a mail to debian-release to be considered

tags 459343 + patch


Luk Claes <luk@debian.org> wrote:
> * Please make it more clear that uploads to stable / oldstable do need a
> mail to debian-release@l.d.o
> * It would also be good to not use stable-proposed-updates if uploading
> is mentioned as uploading to stable-proposed-updates doesn't work.
> * Mentioning oldstable / oldstable-proposed-updates might also make sense...
> * Uploading security updates is mentioned as a deprecated practice, I
> think it would be better to link to the section about security uploads
> and mention that security issues not considered for a DSA can still be
> considered for proposed-updates...

The following patch addresses all of these suggestions. The first item
was done by moving the contact information from the end of the section
to the first paragraph, which seems more sane, as it's the most
important bit. Please review:

Index: pkgs.dbk
--- pkgs.dbk	(revision 5203)
+++ pkgs.dbk	(working copy)
@@ -284,16 +284,25 @@
 <section id="upload-stable">
-<title>Special case: uploads to the <literal>stable</literal> distribution</title>
+<title>Special case: uploads to the <literal>stable</literal> and 
+<literal>oldstable</literal> distributions</title>
 Uploading to <literal>stable</literal> means that the package will transfered
-to the <literal>proposed-updates-new</literal>-queue for review by the stable
+to the <literal>proposed-updates-new</literal> queue for review by the stable
 release managers, and if approved will be installed in
 <filename>stable-proposed-updates</filename> directory of the Debian archive.
 From there, it will be included in <literal>stable</literal> with the next
 point release.
+To ensure that your upload will be accepted, you should discuss the changes
+with the stable release team before you upload. For that, send a mail to
+the &email-debian-release; mailing list, including the patch you want to
+apply to the package version currently in <literal>stable</literal>. Always
+be verbose and detailed in your changelog entries for uploads to the
+<literal>stable</literal> distribution.
 Extra care should be taken when uploading to <literal>stable</literal>.
 Basically, a package should only be uploaded to <literal>stable</literal> if
 one of the following happens:
@@ -321,7 +330,10 @@
 used for Debian security advisories are automatically copied to the appropriate
 <filename>proposed-updates</filename> archive when the advisory is released.
 See <xref linkend="bug-security"/> for detailed information on handling
-security problems.
+security problems. If the security teams deems the problem to be too
+benign to be fixed through a <literal>DSA</literal>, the stable release
+managers are usually willing to include your fix nonetheless in a regular
+upload to <literal>stable</literal>.
 Changing anything else in the package that isn't important is discouraged,
@@ -338,20 +350,10 @@
 making those other packages uninstallable, is strongly discouraged.
-The Release Team (which can be reached at
-&email-debian-release;) will regularly evaluate the uploads to
-<literal>stable-proposed-updates</literal> and decide if your package can be
-included in <literal>stable</literal>.  Please be clear (and verbose, if
-necessary) in your changelog entries for uploads to
-<literal>stable</literal>, because otherwise the package won't be considered
-for inclusion.
+Uploads to the <literal>oldstable</literal> distributions are possible as
+long as it hasn't been archived. The same rules as for <literal>stable
+</literal> apply.
-It's best practice to speak with the stable release manager
-<emphasis>before</emphasis> uploading to
-<literal>stable</literal>/<literal>stable-proposed-updates</literal>, so
-that the uploaded package fits the needs of the next point release.
 <section id="upload-t-p-u">

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