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Bug#454216: developers-reference: should better document how to send package removal requests

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Raphael Geissert <atomo64@gmail.com> wrote:
> * Section 5.9.2: Removing packages
> This section should describe how removal requests should be titled as
> stated in some pages[1][2][3].
> Also, it should mention how to request the removal of an orphaned
> package[3], i.e. reassigning the O: bug to ftp.debian.org and
> retitling instead of sending a new report.

To fix this, I would propose applying the following diff:

Index: pkgs.dbk
--- pkgs.dbk	(revision 5203)
+++ pkgs.dbk	(working copy)
@@ -1222,14 +1222,44 @@
 If for some reason you want to completely remove a package (say, if it is an
 old compatibility library which is no longer required), you need to file a bug
 against <literal>ftp.debian.org</literal> asking that the package be removed;
-as all bugs, this bug should normally have normal severity.  Make sure you
-indicate which distribution the package should be removed from.  Normally, you
-can only have packages removed from <literal>unstable</literal> and
-<literal>experimental</literal>.  Packages are not removed from
+as all bugs, this bug should normally have normal severity.
+The bug title should be in the form <literal>RM: <replaceable>package
+</replaceable> <replaceable>[architecture list]/<replaceable> -- 
+<replaceable>reason</replaceable>, where <replaceable>package</replaceable>
+is the package to be removed and <replaceable>reason</replaceable> is a
+short summary of the reason for the removal request. 
+<replaceable>[architecture list]</replaceable> is optional and only needed
+if the removal request only applies to some architectures, not all.
+To keep the bug title short, you can use one (or more) of the
+following acronyms to indicate standard reasons for removal:
+<listitem><literal>ROM</literal>: Request of maintainer</listitem>
+<listitem><literal>RoQA</literal>: Request of the QA team</listitem>
+<listitem><literal>ROP</literal>: Request of porter</listitem>
+<listitem><literal>ROSRM</literal>: Request of stable release
+<listitem><literal>NBS</literal>: Not build [by any] source
+<listitem><literal>NPOASR</literal>: Never part of a stable
+<listitem><literal>NVIU</literal>: Newer version in unstable</listitem>
+<listitem><literal>ANAIS</literal>: Architecture not allowed in
+<listitem><literal>ICE</literal>: Internal Compiler Error</listitem>
+Note that removals can only be done for the <literal>unstable
+</literal>, <literal>experimental</literal> and <literal>stable
+</literal> distribution.  Packages are not removed from 
 <literal>testing</literal> directly.  Rather, they will be removed
 automatically after the package has been removed from
-<literal>unstable</literal> and no package in <literal>testing</literal>
-depends on it.
+<literal>unstable</literal> and no package in <literal>testing
+</literal> depends on it.
 There is one exception when an explicit removal request is not necessary: If a
@@ -1249,7 +1279,12 @@
 Usually you only ask for the removal of a package maintained by yourself.  If
 you want to remove another package, you have to get the approval of its
+maintainer. Should the package be orphaned and thus have no maintainer,
+you should first discuss the removal request on &email-debian-qa;. If
+there is a consensus that the package should be removed, you should
+reassign and retitle the <literal>O:</literal> bug filed against the
+<literal>wnpp</literal> package instead of filing a new bug as
+removal request.
 Further information relating to these and other package removal related topics

For what it's worth, I'm not really sure that the dev-ref should include
the acronym list. Another option would be to link to the removal pages
of the ftp-team.

BOFH #334:
50-- of the manual is in .pdf readme files

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