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Re: Bug#483226: developers-reference: Section 5.10 clarify that uploaded bin package is not recompiled

On 02/06/08 at 14:20 +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> That said, Andreas Barth has been clear with the fact that he doesn't like
> direct commits to the repo without prior discussion on the BTS when it
> comes to changes in the content itself. So we should probably try to
> follow that rule.

I'm not asking for prior discussion for all changes. I just would like
the diff to be sent to the related bug. You can do that after the
commit, if you want.

> (But I find this rule counter-productive when we have knowledgeable
> people fixing clearly inaccurate information, like I did in the past for
> information that concerns Alioth or like HE has done this morning for
> buildd-related information.)

bah, it only takes a few seconds to copy/paste the diff or to say:
"I fixed this, see svn diff -r1235:1237".
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