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Bug#278267: #278267: developers-reference: Please rewrap for easy diffs

tags 278267 - pending
tags 278267 + patch

Hi Raphael,

Why was #278267 marked as pending?

I agree with Andreas that we should not reformat the whole file, but
instead document the good practice of using short lines.

This would do it, I think:
--- a/README-contrib
+++ b/README-contrib
@@ -37,6 +37,10 @@ first submit a few patches as bug report
 existing bugs are also always appreciated.  You may wish to make
 patches against the SVN sources, about which see below.
+When making changes, please try to use short lines of text (< 64
+characters). This makes it easier to use 'diff' to see the
+differences. (See discussion in <http://bugs.debian.org/278267>)
 Do not commit patches to the developers reference yourself unless
 authorized to do so. Patches need to be finalized and common opinion
 before they are applied. This is even true if you happen to have
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