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Re: doc-debian 3.1.6 without the FAQ content (was: Re: working on Debian FAQ for shipping with lenny [...])

Op Tue  1 Apr 2008 om 01:09:34 +0200 schreef Javier Fernandez-Sanguino:
> 2008/4/1, Joost van Baal <joostvb-debian-doc@mdcc.cx>:
> > I plan to create
> >
> >  manuals/doc-debian/debian/rules
> >  manuals/doc-debian/doc/Makefile
> Ummm.. I'm not convinced that doc-debian should be under 'manuals'.
> The documentation content of doc-debian is actually not part of it,
> it's mostly part of the web pages, so it makes no sense putting that
> content in SVN. Putting the package build stuff in SVN does make
> sense, however...
> Why not in a root-dir packages/, aside with manuals/ which would hold
> packages handled by the DDP team but which do *not* include
> documentation?

OK, I'll do that:


(I believe there were some documents shipped with doc-debian for which
there's no automatic fetching instruction.  Perhaps these could get
added to our SVN, with a clear note stating it's _not_ the "real"
source.  We'll see how this will work out.)

Thanks, Bye,


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