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status of faq translations; should we ship them at all? (was: Re: working on Debian FAQ [...])


Op Mon 31 Mar 2008 om 08:18:36 +0200 schreef Javier Fernandez-Sanguino:
> BTW, we should not ship contents of translations if they are *way* too
> out of date.

Yup.  Here's the current status:

      last update  (even minor updates 'count' here)
 fr     2007-10
 de     2006-07
 es     2005-09
 zh_CN  2005-04
 it     2004-09

 pl     2003-09

 uk    < 2003-09
 pt_BR < 2003-09
 ru    < 2003-09

I plan to ship fr, de, zh_CN, and it.  es is being shipped with
doc-debian-es.  If pt_BR will get updated (which I expect), I'll ship
that too.

For translations which I ship, and which will not see any updates before
lenny+1, I'll ask removal from the archive.  These will get shipped with
lenny only.  I hope that shipping them makes them more visible, and thus
increases the chance of a translation update.

Of course, comments welcome.



PS: Jens, thanks for dealing with the translation-check infrastructure!

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