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Re: DDP CVS commit by amachu: ddp/manuals.sgml/repository-howto repository-h ...

On Tuesday 18 Mar 2008 4:19:22 pm Raphael Hertzog wrote:
>  He's not aware that we migrated to SVN... amachu@debian.org
> doesn't exist and the file repository-howto.ta.xml doesn't contain any
> contact information either.

Sorry again. I do obtained commit access for the cvs and was not following the 
list for couple of weeks.


The page isn't updated with information on the migration to svn. I kindly 
request to do so.

Also I tried checking out using my 'amachu' and password associated with it 
using svn but in vain.

Do I need to request for svn account seperately? If so where?


Sri Ramadoss M

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