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Doc link suggestion for front page


I'd like to suggest (to save some aggravation for new users with older PC's etc.) that you place a link on the front page of "Debian [dot] com / org" related to minimum system hardware requirements. I'm a novice user of PC's with the majority of my experience as an MS Windows user for the most part. On most OS distro web pages, the minimum requirements are listed or linked on the home/main page of the site (or at least not buried to deeply). After downloading GNU/Debian-40r2-i386-CD-1.iso (intent on a basic desktop installation without major limitations and configuration issues) and reading the Installation doc's, I reached the section titled;
3.4. Meeting Minimum Hardware Requirements
Chapter 3. Before Installing Debian GNU/Linux

 in the 'Installation Doc' which was a big letdown for all the reading I did in preparation for a Debian desktop Installation.

I've played with a few Linux distro's on and off over the last couple years. Currently my situation is such that I reside with a family member. My PC and related equipment is sadly in storage. That said, I am currently using a family members system that has an 800MHz CPU, 512MB RAM, and a 20GB hd. This PC is running WinXP for the benefit of said family member who refuses to convert to Linux until such time I am versed with Linux well enough to maintain it (I am the one responsible for keeping this PC up and running).

Since I am stuck in this situation, I decided to install Linux on this machine in a dual boot set up and play-with/learn it. Since WinXP is such a resource hog, I only alloted a 5GB partition to install Linux on. I imagine I could make do with these limits relative to Debian, but I choose not too and will research another distro for this purpose; all things considered. I will return to GNU/Debian Linux in the future and install it on my system when things return to normal and I have my own residence back (not enough space here; very cramped).

That said, I was very disappointed when I found these suggested minimum hardware requirements. Call it an oversight or foolish, but had I known these specs up front it would have saved me a lot of aggravation and time. Now ...I'm no kid, and oversights happen. But it seems to me that this 'Minimum Hardware Requirements' info page should be linked on the main Debian website page to save future potential converts from becoming frustrated and leaving them with disappointment, and possibly the loss of a potential Debian user/fan.

There are many that would have started the install on a substandard hardware setup without this info, believing they know enough to fumble through things and make it work, only to read instructions "after all else fails". These types can become your worst form of advertisement and circulate a bad name through ignorance. I've watched Debian and other Linux OS's grow over the recent years and believe all are on the right track (generally speaking) to becoming well noticed in the mainstream market as a MS Windows alternative/replacement; particularly in the USA. Need I say more relative to M$ and bloat-ware? Not to mention the liberties and costs as a computer user that M$ deludes and hides from the average person in an attempt to keep them as paying customers / revenue makers. I'm sure whomever you are reading this understands my point(s) without further comment.

I hope you take my suggestion and place a link labeled " Meeting Minimum Hardware Requirements " on the main page as a quick reference for would-be new users of GNU/Debian Linux. Thanks for your time, and apology's for the long-winded nature of this email, but I wanted you to understand my situation and reasoning for composing it. A reply will be appreciated as well as answered. Please respect and keep my email address private. Again,... thanks for your time.


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