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Re: Swedish release-notes ready to commit

Jens Seidel skrev:

> thanks, I committed it.


> Please note that 16 messages are already fuzzy. So I expect your new
> update soon :-)

Sh**t, that must have been the <p> and </p> strings that my Ubuntu
desktop machine wanted me to add but my Debian server wanted to remove.

Updated Swedish translation:

> PS: Are you aware that you have very long lines in your PO file? If I
> call make update-po the lines are restricted to approximately 78
> characters!?

I think this is one of the bugs in poedit.

Daniel Nylander (CISSP, GCUX, GCFA)
Stockholm, Sweden
info@danielnylander.se  yeager@ubuntu.com  dnylande@gnome.org

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