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Re: RN changes for Etch R1

>> i am about to start to update the release notes in the next days, so we
>> will have updated release notes for the Etch R1 update. I will report
>> back as soon as i am finished with changing the release notes. It would
>> be nice if we then can get the new version in sync for most languages
>> within 7-10 days, so we can then include them to the release.

I noticed some typos/unclear wordings..

"The PCILynx driver is horribly broken and might result in driver
crashes on PowerPC. We encourage users who need firewire to avail
themselves of one of the ceap OHCI1394 cards and blacklist PCILynx driver."

avail = (maybe a bit unclear to non-english users), buy or get
ceap = cheap

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