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Bug#408529: ucf: Better documentation: Not a replacement for debconf handling

Hi Manoj, 

you never replied to Frank's question below. I would like to know
what needs to be fixed/improved in the developers-reference. The issue of
handling configuration file is one of policy and until we write a proper
"Best packaging practice" paragraph on the topic, I don't think there
much to be done in the devel-ref.

Furthermore, I would expect the ucf documentation to contain warnings
much like the debconf man page warns you about improper usage of the tool
in debconf-devel(7).


On Sun, 25 Feb 2007, Frank Küster wrote:
> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@acm.org> wrote:
> > severity 408529 wishlist
> Severity set to `wishlist' from `wishlist'
> Am I correct in reading into this some criticism of the way I reported
> this bug?  Can you be more explicit, please?
> > reassign 408529 developers-reference
> And is there a specific reason why you did not remove the "patch" tag
> upon reassigning?
> >         Don't we already have a policy directive to not overwrite user
> >  changes? And does not the dev ref say packages should not ask any
> >  more questions than needed?
> Of course, but that's not what this bug report is about.
> >         Creating a new file using debconf, and using ucf to ask the
> >  user whether or not to use that, is poor development practice, and
> >  should be so mentioned in the dev ref about proper handling of
> >  configuration files.  One should not clutter up ucf documentation
> >  with a treatise on proper practice.
> I still think that ucf's manpage is a proper place to document this, in
> order to try to prevent ucf's frequent misuse.  
> If you think this should rather be done in the developers reference
> (which currently does not mention ucf, let alone advertise its use),
> could you go a bit more into detail where you think the right place
> would be, and what the important bits of information would be?
> Regards, Frank
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