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Re: debian manuals

My next step was to get all the man documentation, and all the
/usr/share/doc/ documentation. How can I do that?

You need to obtain the full debian archive (e.g. by downloading a DVD
set) and parse all packages ... On http://ftp.debian.org/dists/etch/ you
can fetch Contents-i386.gz which contains a list of all files in Debian.
You can parse this file to download only a subset of packages.
If I wanted to get a file that is listed in contents-i386.gz:

usr/share/doc/ant/README.Debian                    devel/ant

How would I do it?
Where would I get it from?

1 Get it from http://packages.debian.org/stable/devel/ant ?
1b. What is the package name for stable that corresponds to devel/ant = ant***.deb?
wget http://packages.debian.org/stable/devel/ant**????.deb

2. Get it from a package on a dvd ? How would I get ant**.deb from a dvd? devel/ant?
3. Get it from online repository, same way apt-get would get it?

How are the README.Debian created? Are these text files that each package maintainer creates or ?


Lukasz Szybalski


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