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DDP BOF at Debconf7 - summary

Hi there,

I just wanted to put here some of the things we've talked about at the DDP
BOF in Edinburg (slides are available [1], but they're not that good) and we
are thinking in introducing changes which might impact how the Debian
Documentation Project works and presents itself to outsiders:

- We are going to change the index of the DDP project pages, trying to make 
  documents more accesible (less cruft)
    -> Actually Joy and I DID it already. Please review the changes.

- We are going to remove ALL out of date documents from the main DDP pages
  and create a new 'obsolete' page instead 
    -> DONE also

- We should sort the book pages (http://www.debian.org/doc/books) so
  that they are more usable, maybe in such a way that books available in a
  given language will show first in the translated pages.
  Perl/WML should be used here to make it easier to translate this stuff.
    -> Volunteers?

- We would like to resurrect manpages.debian.net in order to make manpage
  documentation available for all Debian releases.

In order to lower the "barrier of entry" to contribute to documentation:

- We would like to move all the documentation over to Alioth, probably to
  an SVN repository. That is going to be a very big change, as it means
  changing a lot of scripts that point currently to cvs.debian.org
    * This also has the advantage that we reduce dependancy on other
      people to get people "in" the project.

- We would like to setup a Wiki (but maybe not use wiki.debian.org as it
  lacks some of the features we want) to produce "draft" documentation.
  We are thinking of changing the workflow process for documentation 
  so that it goes through the Wiki but still provides a way for editors
  to "get in control" and for translators to update using current
  available tools (CVS/SVN and po4a). 
    * Ikiwiki has some nice features we would like to work on

These are just some crude notes, feel free to expand/discuss on any of these
items in the mailing list.



[1] http://people.debian.org/~jfs/debconf7/ddp-status.odp

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