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Study & Work in USA - These people are arranging everything for us.

Hi Friends,
I was searching for information on Study & WORK IN USA & reached to this very much informative site, www.sonal.coolgoose.in, I would like to tell you more about STUDY & WORK IN USA.
There are so many universities waiting for us to join them for our further studies and you know even we can get our studies SPONSORED too & even we get 4 HOURS A DAY WORK PERMIT too if we go there to study.
Guys we have enough knowledge to study further & even work there? You know this www.sonal.coolgoose.in people are ARRANGING EVERYTHING FOR US to reach there with sponsorship, loans, accommodation, jobs & even THEY ARE GUIDING FOR RE-ENTRY TOO.
I strongly recommend this site and even counselor is also very good knowledgeable.
I?ll keep you guys posted for more information if I?ll have in future & I would expect the same from you guys?
Till then cheers guys.
Thank you & Best regards?

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