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Bug#419507: bugs closed bu NMUs are really closed, not tagged fixed

Package: developers-reference
Version: 3.3.8


In section 5.11.4, you say:
  If the source NMU (non-maintainer upload) fixes some existing bugs,
  these bugs should be tagged fixed in the Bug Tracking System rather
  than closed. By convention, only the official package maintainer or
  the original bug submitter close bugs. Fortunately, Debian's archive
  system recognizes NMUs and thus marks the bugs fixed in the NMU
  appropriately if the person doing the NMU has listed all bugs in the
  changelog with the Closes: bug#nnnnn syntax (see When bugs are closed
  by new uploads, Section 5.8.4 for more information describing how to
  close bugs via the changelog). Tagging the bugs fixed ensures that
  everyone knows that the bug was fixed in an NMU; however the bug is
  left open until the changes in the NMU are incorporated officially
  into the package by the official package maintainer.

This no longer works like that, according to a discussion on #debian-qa:

09:51:12 < lucas_> somebody knows why #415530 is marked as Done in the BTS, instead of only fixed ?  (it was fixed in an NMU)
09:52:18 < ana> NMUs close bugs
09:52:26 < ana> IICR your question
09:59:59 < lucas_> ana: http://www.debian.org/doc/developers-reference/ch-pkgs.en.html#s-nmu-patch says that dak should tag bugs fixed
10:00:02 < lucas_> not close them
10:00:53 < ana> that is outdated then
10:00:56 < pusling> lucas_: then dev-ref is outdated
10:01:01 < lucas_> ok
10:01:10  * pusling as always think ana is right ;)
10:01:45 < buxy> lucas_: file a bug on developers-reference if there's none for this yet :)
10:08:00 < HE> lucas_: We asked the ftp-team to change this because it was playing silly buggers with the version tracking
10:08:30 < HE> lucas_: While a versioned closed can be used to see if a bug is still open in the version in testing, a fixed tag has no versioning information at all
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