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Re: Release Notes FROZEN -- deadline Sat April 7 04:00 UTC

On Wednesday 04 April 2007 14:36, Frans Pop wrote:
> - at the moment there are still some changes that need to be made;
>   we will announce on the d-doc and d-i18n list when the English
>   version has been frozen; we expect this to be late today (UTC)

We've just finished the most important items that were still on our TODO 
list. The Release Notes now look to be in good shape for the release.

This means that the English version is now *frozen* and you will no longer 
have to try to catch up with a fast moving target.

The PO files in CVS have been updated to version 1.277 for all languages 
that have a PO file.

My compliments in advance to any translators or translation teams that 
manage to get this massive job done before the deadline.

Remember: if you need any help, please ask!


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