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Bug#332782: Please explain the etch-ignore tag

On Wed, 21 Mar 2007 17:21:10 -0700 Steve Langasek wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 22, 2007 at 12:49:49AM +0100, Francesco Poli wrote:
> > > This is effectively a clarical error
> > What do you mean by "clarical"?  I'm sorry to ask, but I am not an
> > English native speaker and no dictionary could help...
> clerical.  Sorry, typo.

Ah, understood: "an error made in copying or writing", dict says.
At any rate, it's a clerical error that has not yet been corrected...

> > Debian hardly (if ever) relies on implicit permission grants from
> > third parties:
> That's not true.  Lots of patches are committed, by our upstreams and
> by our developers, with only implicit grants.

Ack (even though I think it would be far better to grant explicit
licenses for patches, especially when the work they are based on is
released under a non-copyleft license...).
However I feel that the two scenarios are not comparable: when someone
contributes a patch to be incorporated into a work, he/she can be
assumed to be OK with the license of the work.  On the other hand, a
completely new work (such as the release notes) is not so convincingly
implicitly licensed in a DFSG-free manner (under which specific license,
anyway?) just because the general Debian documentation policy states
that it will.

> > Where can I find a comprehensive list of individual contributors
> > (whose contribution is creative enough to grant them a copyright
> > interest in the work)?
> > Are there any others besides the ones who are credited in the footer
> > of the contents page[2]?
> I would suggest also checking the cvs log for the repository.

Well, I've just noticed that there's no link to the _Release Notes_
source from the dedicated page[3].
This should be fixed as well, I think.

[3] http://www.debian.org/releases/testing/releasenotes

I suppose I can find the source here[4], but I would need confirmation
before going on and possibly dig into the *wrong* source!!  ;-)
Even better: could you please suggest a command-line that I can use
to checkout the source?

[4] http://cvs.debian.org/ddp/manuals.sgml/release-notes/?cvsroot=debian-doc

Any more practical way of getting the complete list of contributors?

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