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[blake.frantz@leviathansecurity.com: Small low priority bug in the Securing Debian Manual]

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Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2006 14:47:40 -0800
From: Blake Frantz <blake.frantz@leviathansecurity.com>
To: security@debian.org
Subject: Small low priority bug in the Securing Debian Manual
X-Folder: debian-security-private@lists.infodrom.org

In section "Before and During the installation" under "selecting the
appropriate file systems" the manual states that "The
default file system selected in the Debian installation for Linux
partitions is ext2."  I installed Debian 3.1 off of the binary iso by
rambo'ing through the installer accepting default values and ended up
with a single partition formatted at ext3.  I then reran the installer
and manually configured the partitions.  In which case, the installer
had ext3 selected by default as well.

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