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[RFR] Release Notes: Section on changes in Debian Installer added

Hi folks,

I've filled in the section reserved for changes in the installation 
system. I'd appreciate a review. If you have any comments or additions, 
please let me know.

The new text should become available here after the next build of the 
(change to your pet architecture if needed)

Christian: could you give me the count of supported languages as it looks 

Martin: could you propose a text about the new subarches supported for arm 
with relevant links?

Porters: the same goes for relevant changes for other architectures of 

You may also want to suggest content for:
(change to your pet architecture if needed)

I've not yet documented important known issues. If you are aware of any 
that will certainly not be solved for Etch, please let me know. But note 
that we already have a link to the errata.
Device ordering for disks could be one issue to mention.


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