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Bug#391023: XS-Vcs-field splitting into XS-Vcs-source & XS-Vcs-dpkg

Op 12-11-2006 om 09:58 schreef Andreas Barth:
> Hi,
> in bug #391023, this description of this field is given:
> +    <tag><tt>XS-Vcs-*</tt>
> +      <p>
> +      Value of this field should be an URL pointing to where the repository of
> +      the given package is available. The information is meant to be useful for
> +      the final user of the package in case he is looking for the latest work
> +      done on the package (e.g. for the patch fixing a bug tagged as
> +      <tt>pending</tt> in the bug tracking system). The URL should be meaningful
> +      for the given Vcs and should better be version agnostic. If possible, the
> +      URL should point to a resource accessible to the final user and from which
> +      the latest repository snapshot can be easily obtained.
> +      </p>
> +      <p>
> +      <example>
> +  XS-Vcs-Svn: svn://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-vim/trunk/packages/vim
> +      </example>
> +      </p>
> Is this desciption correct?

The description leafs room for ambiguity.

The text tells about the (upstream) source by using the generic name
"package", the example tells about the Debian directory.

Where I think the XS-Vcs field is a good thing,
I also think there should a field for the upstream source
and a field for the Debian packaging stuff.

So I propose to split into XS-Vcs-source-* & XS-Vcs-dpkg-*

It allows upstream and Debian packager to use different repositories,
that includes upstream having a version control system and the Debian
packager having no vcs.

Other advantage of it is that is allows to get to upstream stream
without the debian stuff.

Geert Stappers

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