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Bug#382477: #382477 is not a bug, it's a DevRef (and lintian) feature

reopen 382477

* Thijs Kinkhorst (thijs@debian.org) [061112 00:01]:
> On Sat, 2006-11-11 at 23:19 +0100, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
> > As I said I agree that there's a good point in saying people should keep
> > descriptions to a minimum. In this specific case I inherited a debconf
> > template from the previous maintainer, and it listed a step-by-step plan
> > to resolve a situation. Due to the formatting this exceeded 20 lines.
> > I've now shortened it to be under 20 lines due to some less details in
> > the plan. I'm not sure though that this is the best way: I've now made
> > things less clear for users. This because I thought there was some kind
> > of actual fixed limit.
> Maybe this was not clear: the difference in wording in the devref is
> also relevant for overriding. If there's a physical limit, it must be a
> Lintian error and overriding it is not sensible. However, if it's a
> social limit, there may just be a situation where longer than 20 lines
> is actually better than shorter, and an override may be acceptable. Of
> course as with any other lintian warnings, those overrides should only
> be added in exceptional cases, but they might exist.

That's ok. I'll add reasoning for this recommendation.


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