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Please commit Japanese translation updates of Etch Release Notes

Hi all,

Here attached Japanese translation updates of Etch Release Notes.  The
two files are gzipped and different versions of release-notes.ja.sgml.
Could you please gunzip and commit them separately with following

* release-notes.ja.sgml.1.gz:

Updated translation for Japanese ( from Nobuhiro IMAI <nov@yo.rim.or.jp> on 2006-10-13, reviewed by TAKEI Nobumitsu.

* release-notes.ja.sgml.2.gz:

Corrected some mistakes and improved translations by Noritada Kobayashi <nori1@dolphin.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp>.

These works were done on a Japanese mailing list almost a month ago
but have not been committed.  I'll take upon making another update
after this commit request. :-)



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