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Re: Swedish translation for Etch Release Notes

Hi Daniel,

On Mon, Nov 06, 2006 at 08:02:29PM +0100, Daniel Nylander wrote:
> I have now translated the Etch Release Notes to Swedish.

thanks, I committed the PO file. It may be possible that po4a on the
build host is not sufficient up to date to build the SGML file. In this
case I will commit release-notes.sv.sgml too.

> However, it does depend on the forthcoming release of the next version
> of debiandoc-sgml, which include support for sv_SE.ISO8859-1.

No it does not require it but it would be nice to use this new version.

> It will be available within a day or two.

But not on the build host.

> It is now in the final phase of reviewing and should be ready to commit
> within a few hours.
> Source and compiled versions are available from
> http://home.danielnylander.se/debian/release-notes/

It should be online on the Debian website soon ...


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