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Bug#394033: where to send NMU diff

Package: developers-reference
Version: 3.3.7
Severity: wishlist

I request that the following be changed:

Section 5.11.4:

Also, after doing an NMU, you have to send that information to the existing
bugs that are fixed by your NMU, including the unified diff. Alternatively
you can open a new bug and include a patch showing all the changes you have

Please strike the second sentence.  This has really caused a lot of annoyance
and duplicate work lately.

The NMU diff should always be sent to the bug report that it applies to.


- The NMU is about a bug, so it should be sent to the bug.  People reading
  the bug want to know what's going on.

- Features like bug subscriptions and bts.turmzimmer.net suffer when
  important information about a bug is sent elsewhere.

- A NMU diff is not, by itself, a bug, so it shouldn't be a bug.

I have heard as counterargument that if a NMU fixes many bugs, then making
a new bug for the diff saves space.  I think considering the massive amount
of data sent across the BTS all the time, this is a silly argument.  And
on average, a NMU doesn't fix more than one or two bugs.

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