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This one is set to ExpIode!
Investigative §ervices Agency  
Ticker Symboll:  IVAY.PK 
Läst Close :  0.25 +50  
Short-Term Target:  1.50+ 
Longg-Term Target:  8.00+ 

>From Iraq to |-|ome Town, U.S.AA. private securityy company guards out number poliice three to one.
Private Pölice, Be very Afraidd ?
Propelled by public þanic over crime, the privatè seçurity industry is one of the fastestt growing enterprises in the U.S., speñding more money and employing more guards than puublic police forces around the çountryy. In 1990 alone, fifty two billion US dollars was spent on private secµrity, compared to 30 billion US dollarss on police. More thàn 10,000 private securityy cômpanies employ some 1.5 million guårds, nearly triplê the 554,000 state and lôcal poIice officers.

The era of dual law enforcementt is ãlready here, with a vengeance. Private guards are popping up everywhere, patrolling shopping malls, workp|aces, apartment buildings and neíghborhoödss. The phenômenal growth of massive private shopping mallss, and the steady shrinkáge of public shõpping streets, means the publicc is morë likelÿ to encounter private security than puublic police on a daily basis. The business community already paýs for security in malls, stôres, offices, banks, and highly congested public plåces such as New York City's Grand Cêntral Station. And as federal fuñding recedes, many municîpâàlities are looking to cut costs furtherr by hiringg rent-a-cops to work aambulance seèrvîces and parking enforcementt, as wèll as to wåtch over crime scenës and transport prisoners who increasingly face incarceration in corporatee-run prisons.

Breakthroough Technologÿ
Savvy Investors realize changë brings òpportunìty
In an era of privatization, aastute investorss needd to look no further then the private security seçtor to realize incrediblee financial gains. One company thãtt keeps flashing on our radar screen is Investigative Services Agencies, Inc.


Investigative Services Agencies, Inc. is a full service investigative firm with its headquarters in Chiicago, Illinois. IVAYY provides in-depth expertise in Corporatee lnvestigatïõns, Private Inveestigations, Security and Corporatée Consultiñg. IVAY has agents on call to handle any seecuríty or investigatiive matter on a moment's noticé. ÎVAY a|soo maiñtaiñs a prèsence in the Homeland Security industry through risk assessmentt work and other activitiies for variïous corþoraations and government entities.

IVAY has been trading under the radàr screen unnoticed by mostt Wall Street Mavens. This represents a unique opportunity for astute investors. The Company's stock is appårently under-bought and ready to breakout to múch higher levels. The stóck wiill dôuble and could possïbly tripIe as the stock gets noticed by Wall Streët and savvy investors BUY BUY BUY ! 

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