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Re: Intent to "hijack" the dhelp package

Esteban Manchado Velázquez wrote:
> Hi all,
>     As Javier noted just after releasing Sarge [1], we need better
> documentation integration tools in Debian. Yes, we have dhelp [2], but it
> lacks loads of features, and it's not what I would call "in shape" [3]. I have
> tried to fix this situation, mostly by organizing and merging bug reports, and
> writing a couple of patches for them.
Thank you (not that I have anything to do with this package, but all
work is welcome)

>     I have even rewritten dhelp_parse, one of the main utilities, in Ruby [4]
> (mostly because it's a huge PITA finding and fixing bugs in a largely text
> processing program... written in C). It maintains compatibility with the
> documentation database, so it's a drop-in replacement. At least it should :-)
Ruby is not among the "standard" installation. May I suggest PERL instead?
(Not that I prefer PERL to Ruby -- this is just for dependencies' sake)


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