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Bug#387921: release-notes: Should note dropping support for GNOME 1

Package: release-notes
Severity: normal

Quoting Thomas Bushnell BSG:
>Since consensus is that we should drop the gnome-1 packages which
>aren't used by other Debian packages, we need to be very sure to put a
>note to this effect in the release notes for etch.

GNOME 1 support dropped

With the release of etch, Debian no longer contains packages for
most of the obsolete version 1 release of GNOME.  (Some packages
remain in order to support other Debian packages which have not yet
been updated to GNOME 2.)  If you need the full GNOME 1 install,
you will have to get it from upstream and install it from source.
(GTK1.2 packages remain fully maintained.)

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