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Doc package which generate PDF (not pdf.gz)


Since PDF files are already compressed[1], we do not need to follow
implicit rule of "gzip -9" on PDF (Policy only talk about plain text,
info, and manpage only.)  dh_compress is supposed to work as (per

| By default, dh_compress compresses files that debian policy mandates
| should be compressed, namely all files in usr/share/info,
| usr/share/man, usr/X11R6/man, files in usr/share/doc that are larger
| than 4k in size, (except the copyright file, .html and .css files, and
| files that appear to be already compressed based on their extensions),
| and all changelog files. Plus PCF fonts underneath
| usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/ and usr/share/fonts/X11/

So it should not try to compress PDF since it is compressed[2].  I find
no explicit policy demainding PDF file to be gzipped.

Should we fix dh_compress?  Or we change doc package to use dh_compress
-X.pdf ?

Any thought?

My thought is to add -X.pdf first as the judgement of maintainers
following the policy and existing practices.  Then, simultaneously, ask
debhelper to act -X.pdf as default.


Reference: 1
 See the thread started with the followings:
Reference: 2

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