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Re: a brief history of debian - changelog

Hello Pinar,
there is no record of the file regarding debian's history yet. actually,
even if there is, it is not in our public documents part. this is why you
should mail people who wrote those documents in person (these persons are
debian developers) you can obtain up-to-date information.


    * Bdale Garbee bdale@debian.org

    * Hartmut Koptein koptein@debian.org

    * Nils Lohner lohner@debian.org

    * Will Lowe lowe@debian.org

    * Bill Mitchell Bill.Mitchell@pobox.com

    * Ian Murdock imurdock@debian.org

    * Martin Schulze joey@debian.org

    * Craig Small csmall@debian.org

This document is currently maintained primarily by Bdale Garbee

You mail to forward Bdale Garbee bdale@debian.org.
Best Regards

> Hi,
> I've translated A Brief History of Debian Manual into Turkish at 2005 [1]
> (version number was 2.5).
> Yesterday i saw you updated document to 2.6, but i couldn't find the
> changes..
> Do you have a changelog? If so, where can i find it?
> [1]: http://docs.comu.edu.tr/howto/debian-history.html
> --
> Pinar Yanardag
> http://moon.kodzilla.org
> http://pinguar.blogspot.com

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