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Bug#374738: developers-reference: [5.8.4] Only most recent section of changelog is considered

Justin Pryzby writes:
 > On Tue, Jun 20, 2006 at 08:48:08PM -0500, Kevin Glynn wrote:
 > > Package: developers-reference
 > > Severity: normal
 > > 
 > > Section 5.8.4 should make it clear that only the most recent section
 > > of the changelog is significant for closing bugs. So, if one uploads
 > > version -11, followed by -13 bugs closed in the -12 section will not
 > > be picked up by daks and closed automatically.
 > This is controllable to various options to the dpkg-dev tools, eg.
 > dpkg-buildpackage -v, which presumably just passes it on to
 > dpkg-parsechangelog.

It would be nice if this section explained that it was controllable at
upload time.

 > > I suppose this is the scenario addressed by the line "To close any
 > > remaining bugs that were fixed by your upload, email the .changes
 > > file to XXX-done@bugs.debian.org, where XXX is your bug number.",
 > > but I think this requires a bit more explanation.
 > Of course using the changelog is commonly preferred, for conformity;
 > this suggestion is just for the case that a previosly-reported problem
 > turns out to have been fixed which wasn't known to be so at thet time
 > of upload, especially for a package with many bugs, or for a new
 > upstream release.

Aaah, I think I see.  The .changes file doesn't have to explicitly say
that it closes that bug. It is closed because you have mailed
xxxx-done.  The advantage of mailing the .changes is that it will nail
the version where the bug was fixed, (and maybe give a hint why it was

Thanks for the explanation.  I was a bit dense.  In my case I fixed
the bug by mailing the missing .changes which did close the bugs (that
was on my local disk, that had not been uploaded) to xxx-done.


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