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chivalrous ornately

We assume many of you like to "trade the promotion" and may
have made some big, fast money doing so.
There is a massive promotion underway this weekend apprising
potential eager investors of this emerging situation.
Get  A B S Y  first thing tomorrow, this is going to explode next
2-3 days!!!

Trading Date : 07/06/06
Company : AbsoluteSKY, Inc.
S y m b o l : A B S Y Timing is everything!
Opening Price : $0.95
8 Day Target : $1
Status : 100-300%

A B S Y  is a high growth issue and should be purchased by stock
traders and those that can afford to make quick money on
these fast moving issues.
Current price word on the sreet is this could take off at any
moment and double.
Good luck and trade out at the top!!!
Remember this is a  S T R O N G  B U Y  RECOMMENDATION...

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