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Bug#368841: developers-reference: Explain that Debian isn't a democracy and how it works instead

Package: developers-reference
Severity: wishlist

Hi Andy & all,

way too many people have wrong expectations about some of Debian internal
processes. Since the devref is the reference about "internal procedures"
it should really document the standard way of working:

1/ Delegates (DAM/FTP-masters) are taking the decisions
2/ Any public discussion is only "input" to help them make their decision
3/ Public discussion is not *required* before any decision
4/ Public discussion afterwards can't overrule a decision, only a GR can
overrule a delegate's decision

And in general, I would love to see good practices inviting people to not
whine and be constructive instead.

Maybe we should even point to Enrico's "Community Guidelines":

(I might propose something later but right now it will only end up in my
TODO list)


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