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Bug#363056: acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#363056: release-notes: Please fix some mistakes in Debian sarge Release Notes for Japanese.)

reopen 363056

> > Please uudecode and apply following patch.
> Thanks,
> I applied the patch.
> Please send an attachment (maybe compressed to be sure that the encoding
> isn't destroyed) the next time. That's easier to handle ...

Thank you for applying my patch, Jens.
And sorry for uuencoding the patch; I'll send compressed one next time.

By the way, it seems that files available online as HTML, text, and PDF
have not yet been updated although the source file in the CVS repository
was updated.

I reported another bug in the Japanese release notes as #339081,
and in that case files online were updated soon...

Haven't there some necessary procedures been taken?



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