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Bug#355725: mention that maintainers should avoid certain e-mail addresses (e.g. mail@)

Package: developers-reference
Severity: wishlist

I just had an NM who was using mail@example.com as his email address.
He said he had rumours that such generic mail addresses may cause
problems.  I talked to Pasc (listmaster) and he said it's true and
that maintainers of packages should not use such e-mail addresses.

http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/ says
   Unfortunately it's currently impossible to subscribe with a username
   that matches procmail's check for mail coming from a daemon. This
   means that a username may not have "mail", "admin", "root", "master"
   or similar strings in it (see procmailrc(5) for "FROM_DAEMON").

Can you please mention this in the developers-reference so maintainers
are aware of this.

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Martin Michlmayr

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